Freedom, Love, and Money: How to Set Priorities

How to Set Priorities

Priorities depend on different things. These are views on life, experiences, and values. It’s important to prioritize correctly in order to understand your desires. If money is important to you, you’ll have one set of priorities, if world peace is another.

Many would say that there are many desires, so how can you choose? You have to decide what is more important and what is less important. Everyone wants to be rich and healthy, but you have to decide what is more important to you: wealth or love, health or ambition.

It doesn’t mean that there will be only one and not the other.

Prioritizing will give you this: in a critical situation, you won’t be floundering, and you will always find time for the things that make you happier.

It’s not always possible to combine all things. You can choose a job that will bring you a good income, but will fray your nerves. Or you can choose ambition that will leave you without a livelihood. Everything requires a sensible approach.

How to Properly Prioritize Your Life

Ask yourself what you want out of life. You have to get rid of the imposed beliefs, promises, expectations, experiences, pride.

Try to remove all the husk and ask yourself again: what do I want out of life? You can write out your options on paper. All desires can be different or even opposite to each other.

Now think about which wishes would make you happy? Not rich, not loved, but happy. What makes you happy? Maybe a luxurious life, great winnings at 22Bet, or recognition in society? Or a quiet life by the ocean?

How to prioritize your life so that it was all at once? The answer: you can’t. Hap all at once and in the best shape will not work. Don’t spread yourself thin. Start with your three main desires.

Another important point. Suppose you are used to considering the wishes of parents, children, brothers, spouses. It is normal to wish for the happiness of loved ones. At the same time, it is important to include a healthy selfishness when prioritizing.

Even the people closest to you do not have the right to deprive you of your dreams. Why not? Because it would be manipulation. If a person loves you, he will want you to be happy.

And if you come and say that for you happiness consists of certain things, why not? Yes, it’s at odds with the beliefs of those closest to you. Yes, it’s not what you were “raised for” and generally “not expected.” But you have one life, and everyone has their own way.

How to Set Priorities: The Main Rule

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves – to live for others or for yourself. Just do not engage in self-deception, because then you’ll be sad if you start blaming your loved ones for living a certain lifestyle because of them.

So how do you prioritize your life so that you can achieve your goals? Reframe your top three desires into goals. Start taking action. And don’t be distracted by things that take you away from your chosen path.

Let’s say you opened a coffee shop. You decided that it will bring you happiness. At that moment, you are offered a good job in another city. Do not lose your way. Even if you make a mistake, it will be your own personal mistake.

Remember, the main thing to prioritize correctly is your personal path to your own happiness.

Can Priorities in Life Change

Yes, they can. A person grows up, gains experience, and begins to look at things differently. Only the change of priorities should correspond to your personal growth.

It means evolution. When a person just rushes through life, not knowing what he wants, it doesn’t end well for him. He loses a lot of time and energy.

Arnold Bloom

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