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free snake games unblocked – free snake games is a new website that provides several free snake games.

The idea behind snake games is to control a single line that eats the food in order to grow, avoid colliding with walls or growing so long it crashes into its own body. The game is over when this happens. It’s very easy to learn but hard to master. We all love playing these kind of games, and we have several really good ones around already.

The website is still in beta and we would like to improve it as much as possible. Therefore we ask you for feedback and comments so that we can further develop the site and build a community around our free snake games. You can send your suggestions or feedback via email or on Facebook and Twitter. – free snake games unblocked

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How to Play?

You control a snake, which you can make longer by eating pellets on the map. The bigger your snake gets, the more attention you’ll get from other players who want to cut you and eat your mass. Once they manage to do this, you’ll respawn as a smaller snake and can continue playing. The winner is the last one who managed to grow their snake as big as possible before it crashed into its own body or hit another player’s snake.

You can play this free snake games online , and you don’t even need to download or install anything. Simply choose a username and start playing right away. The only thing that matters is your skill, your snake won’t get any larger automatically – it’s all up to you!

There are several different maps available. Some of them are simple, some have lots of twists and turns that you need to navigate. They also come with different speeds, so take a look at the map before you select it.

Can’t get enough? There are plenty of other similar games out there on the internet. One of our favourites is , a browser game where your goal is to become the biggest in a world filled with hundreds of other players. You can play this for free in your browser, so check it out! is an online multiplayer game that you can play for free here on CrazyGames . The game is based on the classic Snake games where you control a snake and eat to grow bigger, while avoiding yourself and other snakes. The more you eat the larger you become, but there is a catch: a bigger snake means a wider turning radius so try to avoid being eaten by going around or interrupting others who have grown large themselves!

If you liked this game and want to play similar games then make sure to play Tunnel Rush , House Of Wolves , or The Company of Myself .

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