Five Ways to Optimize Your Online Habits

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Find out five ways to spend your time online and feel better about yourself and your online sessions by adding value to each.


How to spend time on the Internet more efficiently?

Time is our most valuable resource, Seneca once wrote, and yet we fail to treat it with the respect and attention it deserves. Social media has made the process of turning time into an easily-bargained-away chip on the Internet even more astute. While some of us realize how scarce time truly is, and try to optimize it in the best and most efficient way possible, others need some guidance.

Whether you play strip blackjack online, research a topic or simply stay on the Internet to remain informed, there are ways to optimize the way you do that. Today, we take a look at several worthwhile tips that will help you cut down on the time you spend on the Internet a little better and perhaps feel good about it at the end as well. Let’s have a look.

#1 Social Media Hogs Your Time

Social media is of course a fantastic tool. It has spurred democratic change around the world and organized people in rallies to support freedoms and human rights. Yet, when social media is not tackling autocratic regimes, it can be a real-time sink.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all work in roughly the same way and they try to show you things that would make you scroll down more. Every scroll informs the algorithm what to tell you next. That is why the best way to use social media is to have clear-cut rules about its use.

Limit your sessions to a few minutes a day. Perhaps three five-minute sessions would be best, spread over an eight-hour period. This way you will catch up on any update you think is worthwhile, while still not spending too much time. Of course, to some people, spending 15 minutes on social media a day may be a lot.

Just think about it – if you choose to spend that time playing strip blackjack you may actually end up picking a new skill. The same applies to playing the piano – just 15 minutes a day could one day turn you into a decent musician. Time matters, and starting with social media matters even more.

#2 Have a Purpose for Going Online

Most people these days use the Internet as an escape. The worldwide web’s vastness is there and inviting and people are often tempted by it. However, having a purpose for visiting is always best. Do you want to play strip black jack or do you want to look up some facts? Are you looking for a good book recommendation, a movie review or just want to pay your bill?

There are many reasons for going online and that is quite normal. The best way to make sure your time is spent well is to define the purpose of your going online. Many people tend to flick through news stories and read the headlines in a sort of passive formation of opinion, but experts recommend that reading one full story that interests you would be a much better way to spend your time online than going through ten headlines, for example.

Therefore, internet users are constantly urged to teach themselves habits that will have an impact on their long-term behaviour online. There are many ways to inform and guide such behaviour so make sure you try them. For starters, we urge you to seek out things that stoke curiosity in you and make you want to find out more about a given subject.

#3 Use the Internet to Jumpstart Your Social Life

If you feel you are spending too much time on the Internet, there is no reason why you could not change that. The Internet is a place where interconnectivity does not just exist as a given – it thrives. We are all part of a unique hive mind which – while having its own opinions across the billions of neurons that populate it, is still interested in staying connected.

As early as 2006, Pew Research Center reflected on the fact that the common cliché against the Internet – that we are “less social” – is actually not going to stand the test of time. Today, more so than ever in the past, we use social media, dating apps and instant messaging to connect with others and arrange real-life experiences.

Sure, we may stick to free online strip blackjack as a hobby, but the truth is that most people would much rather play this game in person if they were given a fair chance. People are social beings and that is perfectly normal. So, if you are wondering how you may optimize your time on the Internet, we seriously recommend trying to look up new things that you could do in person, and with others.

#4 Share Your Passion for a Hobby with Others

Just as well, sharing your favourite experiences with others online is a great way to spend your time. You may be a huge fan of free strip blackjack and finding other like-minded individuals could feel great. You may similarly enjoy boardgames and visit places that exclusively discuss your hobbies, such as dedicated websites, podcasts, or videos dedicated to the subject matter that interests you.

There are many passions to have – from DIY solar panels and smart homes to observing the night sky and logging your findings as some astronomer of yore. Hobbies are great and they fuel a passion that mankind has for exploration and finding apt solutions to important questions. Wherever your hobby takes you, pursuing something of passion will always yield the best possible results.

Finding people who would love to share your passion for a given hobby is definitely one of the best ways to spend your time online. You can join communities, discussion boards and even help develop the hobby.

#5 Use Self-Learning Sites

Another great way to spend your time online is to just join websites such as Khan Academy and Udemy. If you have plenty of time online and don’t know what to do – there is no need to worry about optimizing your time online as you can join these communities and learn anything you love.

Perhaps you are not that good at math or you want to really learn how to code – there are easy and accessible ways to do that by turning to these learning sites and they are all worth your while. Give it a shot and spend your time online in a more meaningful and valuable way!

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