Fine Tobacco, Pipes, and More: The Best Holiday Gifts for Smokers

Fine Tobacco

The holiday season is right around the corner, and you may face a bit of stress. After all, some people on your gift list are likely much harder to shop for than others.

If you have a pipe or cigar smoker on your list, it can be frustrating because you know they love all things smoke-related, but you aren’t sure you know enough about the subject to select the best gift.

Having a little direction when shopping for gifts for smokers would be nice.

Don’t worry; we have you covered. Here you can learn about some of the best holiday gifts for smokers.


Know Who You Are Buying For

Before diving into the world of smoke products and accessories, it’s important to know who you are shopping for. Even though this may seem obvious, you need to find out who the person is as a pipe smoker.

The world of pipes, cigars, and tobacco is vast. You may not realize how much is “out there.” Without much background or knowledge, you may choose a gift that doesn’t align with the smoker’s preferences.

For a gift that you can’t go wrong with, consider a pipe tobacco sampler. However, for some other ideas that may also be a hit, keep reading.


This is the most obvious gift choice. It’s really a no-brainer.

What piper would not love more tobacco? A great holiday gift is to help your friend or loved one stock their supply with a few tins of their favorite tobacco product.

You can also get them something new to try. If you aren’t sure what they may like, consider talking with a local tobacconist.

You may also find limited-time holiday mixtures you can purchase.

Piping Journal

Something that many seasoned pipe smokers recommend for beginners is a piping journal. Writing down the details of what is smoked and how much helps with learning, developing, and curating a unique pipe craft that suits a person’s needs.

Having a dedicated notebook for journaling your pipe smoking is nice, and you can find several tobacco-themed options online.

Vintage Tin of Tobacco

If a tobacco user likes blends that have been around for a while, you can find several options of the item that is as old and wise as they are.

Quality tobacco changes over time. Usually, this is in amazing ways that you can’t replicate.

While vintage prices can exceed the current market value for the product, most agree it’s well worth the investment. That’s also why it makes a great gift for a loved one who would never splurge and purchase it for themselves.

There is a caveat to be aware of, though, before you explore the vintage market. For those who aren’t familiar with tobacco, it can be somewhat intimidating. It’s best to get help if you have never purchased an item like this before.

Cellaring Supplies

Buying tins of tobacco are great; however, what about storage? Another great gift is cellaring supplies.

If you have gotten to this point, there’s a good chance the piper in your life has a pretty good collection of tins. For a smaller, modest collection, an end table or cabinet is ideal for storage.

You can also find these for a relatively affordable price.

However, for more extensive collections, additional supplies may be needed. You can find all types of options and supplies.

Some great cellaring supplies for gift giving include Mylar bags, desiccants, watertight plastic storage bins, and hermetically sealable jars.

Don’t forget some pipe cleaners, too. Any pipe enthusiast can never have enough!

Pipe Stand or Pipe Rack

If the person you are buying for has more than one pipe, chances are they are also running out of places to keep them.

Because of this, there’s no doubt they would love a new pipe rack or stand. Besides the obvious functionality they offer, you can find some pretty interesting options.

If you are in the mood to splurge, consider Dunhill vintage stands and racks. While they are pricy, this luxury item will retain its value.

You can find basic wood options for more whimsical creations made of plastic, metal, and ceramic.


Your average piper is always prepared and has a tamper on hand, no matter if it is a pipe nail or Czech tool, or basically any convenient item (i.e., Chapstick tube, pen, forefinger, etc.). However, having a nice tamper they can show off is something that almost anyone will appreciate.

Even better, you can find tampers at virtually every price point, so you can spend as much or as little as you like.

Gentleman’s Valet

A gentleman’s valet is a classic accessory. The purpose of it is to collect items from your pockets at the end of the day.

However, you can repurpose these items as a stylish tobacco prep station. This is a gift that really stands out for how unique and useful it is.

Many people who smoke like to take their time and enjoy preparing tobacco. This is true no matter what they need to do.

If you are out and about, there’s a good chance you want to avoid using a paper plate for your prep work. In this case, finding a vintage or reproduction gentleman’s valet in leather is a great solution.


With a bit of searching, you can find several books dedicated to the art of smoking.

There are all types of amazing small-press offerings you can purchase, and the names will be known to a savvy piper.

These types of books are fun to look through and make great conversation pieces and coffee table books.

Smaller Items

You can also find a few smaller, “stocking stuffer” style gifts to consider.

While lighters may not sound like that big of a deal, it doesn’t mean a typical gas station lighter when it’s on a gift-giving guide.

Instead, go with high-quality options, like a Zippo, where you can find a huge selection of graphics and designs. You can even personalize the casing to include the receiver’s name or something else that is relevant to them.

Another potential stocking stuffer gift is pipe maintenance gear. While this may not be the most exciting gift, it is something that everyone needs.

Being able to care for and maintain your pipes is a must. It’s especially important for those who want to continue having a smooth smoking experience.

Some of the items to include in this cleaning arsenal include filters, cleaning solutions, tampers, and lighters.

Remember, though; the filters are available in different types and sizes. Not all filters are compatible with every pipe. Be sure you find out the right type and size before making a purchase.

Ash Trays

Having a quality, pretty, or unique ashtray is a must for any smoker. They can be used for display purposes or functional ones.

An ashtray can be used to display or store a pipe while it isn’t being used or just to collect ash as tobacco is smoked.

It’s important to note that pipe ashtrays come with a pipe of cork built-in. This allows smokers to easily tap out all the ash when they are done smoking.

Leather Pouches

Leather pouches are an idea for taking your tobacco and pipe without while on the go, in the car, or virtually anywhere else.

With a quality pouch, it is possible to carry everything needed for smoking. Also, they are found in many sizes and designs to fit everyone’s needs.

Wool Sweater

Nothing imprints on your memory more than a certain smell. If you want to help capture the essence of pipe tobacco, a wood sweater is a great gift idea.

While cigarette tobacco leaves an acrid, unpleasant odor, pipe tobacco leaves behind a comforting, warm, and nostalgic aroma.

A wool sweater is a practical gift and one that will help the smoker in your life enjoy the aromas of their tobacco even longer.

Finding the Best Gifts for Smokers

If you are ready to start your holiday shopping, be sure to consider some of the gifts for smokers listed here. Each of the options on this list is sure to be appreciated by any pipe smoker.

Be sure to consider what the person would appreciate most. Chances are you can think of more than a few things to buy.

For more helpful tips, information, and resources, be sure to read some of the other blogs on our site. We post new blogs regularly to help ensure you stay informed.

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