Filmora: your one-step solution to absolutely stunning videos!

your one-step solution to absolutely stunning videos

Saw your friends edit super cool views? Wants to try that? Filmora is here for you!  A smooth solution to editing videos!

Filmora is A wonderful video creating and video editing software, developed by none other than Wondershare. It comes with a variety of features and in very easy steps you can easily use this to edit your videos. Simple steps regarding how easily you can use it!

Wondering how you can also edit such beautiful videos? In very simple steps, you just need to make sure you are doing it right! Here are steps for you how to use this

Start A new project

Once you are done with downloading and installing the application, it’s time that you start a new project.  Open the app from your phone then select the ratio for your video from the dropping down “select project aspect ratio” option.

This Helps to set the video’s ratio for the platform you want to share the video in. Suppose for this tutorial slot, I’m going to use the aspect ratio as 16: 9. This is the most common widescreen format and ideal for YouTube and other platforms where it mostly uses landscape mode for videos and video trimmers.

Share from media files

Video projects have been known always about footages photos audio and other things that you choose to use in your video. Now once you have selected which videos you want to use, go to files Then chick in import media – the import media folder or import from files (depending on the source of your materials).

Once you have imported your file to the app, you will now see some thumbnails for each file in the top portion of the application. For a preview, you can double-click on any of the thumbnails in Filmora. Select the thumbnail that satisfies you.

Now drag your files down to your timeline and start using them for your edits!

Edit your videos

  1. Now do all the editings you want for your video –
  2. Trim and adjust – Trim and adjust your videos to the length you want to be.
  3. Sequence them – you can change their sequence, the way you want to organize them
  4. add effects – if you want to add filters and effects to your video the next you can add them
  5. Add transitions – you can also transition as you wish. The way your videos will shift from one slot to another.
  6. Texts – you can also add texts or titles to your video and make them more appealing to your views.

The final step, export the video file

Once you’re done with editing your video now it’s turned to the final step and that is exporting. Click on the Export option on the top of your video editing area and save it in your gallery so further you can share it. You can also directly share it on your social media platform.

Edit your videos

Other video editing applications

There is certain other commonly known video editing software free that is certainly like Filmora and can get your beautiful, satisfactory videos –

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro – Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the easiest editing apps for beginners where you can easily and smoothly edit videos with very little effort and very easily.
  2. iMovie – You can easily edit commercial-type videos. This video editing software is super easy to use. You can simply with some simple and easy steps in no time make beautiful videos.
  3. Lightworks – Lightworks is an excellent software with a superb efficient user interface and very easy to use. It’s definitely worth the money and time!
  4. VSDC – yet another very simple and efficient user-friendly software is VSDC. You can get very easy access to this and it’s simple and good to use. It provides you with very easy ways to edit videos.
  5. InVideo – this is another software you can use to transform your ordinary videos into high-quality videos with very little effort. Many media companies, brands, and small businesses use this application to prepare power content.

Price plans and Availability

Filmora is an editor for every creator! Any and every video content creator can easily use it and enjoy its exclusive tools! use it for windows or Mac. It starts at $59.99. It is best preferred to use it on your desktop for the best results.


Download Now:





Now, that you have learned how to use Filmora, you can easily thus edit and share beautiful, exclusive videos on your social media and get a lot of applauses for your work! So today use it and collect praises from your friends and family. If you like it, do share it with them so that they can also edit videos like you! Try Filmora today and explore the create you!

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