Famous Casino Cheats That Don’t Work Now

Famous Casino Cheats That Don't Work Now

These are real-life thieves, and the only difference is that they always win, so a fast read about some of the world’s greatest gambling cheats is like leaping into the pages of an Ian Fleming novel.

However, many of these hacks are detected eventually. At least that’s what we believe – of course, there’s no way to tell because the absolute best will never be caught and never raise any suspicion, so in this article, we’ll stick to those notable casino cheaters who were eventually uncovered, but whose methods go down in history for their creativity, subtlety, and talent – play at

Well, without further ado, here is our list of the top casino cheats that don’t work anytime.


Cheat Code

The purpose of regulating bodies in the gaming business is to guarantee that all transactions within the sector are conducted fairly and accurately.

Engineers create gaming systems that can be tracked and checked for fairness in the industry. But what happens if a coder attempts to cheat the system?

Shaved Coins

Although shaved coin scams are largely extinct at this point, they are worth learning about.

Because of technological advancements, slot machines now use a light sensor to verify a customer’s payment. The optic sensor and the physical comparator often operate independently on many devices.

If the Player sent down a shaved coin and an item matching the minimum stake coin at the same moment, the slot machine would return the shaved coin, and the other item would initiate play.

Fake Coins

Fake coins have long been used as a means of cheating in slots.

Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio was a con artist who used fake coins to rip off casinos for years before his arrest in 1998.


Magnet slot machine cheating is a common question, and we’re happy to provide advice.

Let’s get this straight: today’s slot machines can’t be hacked with a magnet since they’re all programmed by computer software and aren’t magnetic.

Once upon a time, though, cheating was possible by using a magnet on devices built of metal.

Con artists might use a powerful magnet placed on the exterior of a slot machine to cheat by stopping the reels from spinning when a player sees a winning combination.

Piano Wire

In 1982, a crew of male employees at Atlantic City’s Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino bonded over their shared love of poker. Using piano wires 20 inches in length, one guy hooked himself to the slot machine’s spinning inner workings.

Then, they could use the cables to disrupt the timer that recorded the number of times the wheels spun, giving them control over the outcome.

Unfortunately, their scheme was caught on camera, and the winner was detained before he could leave with the $50,000 prize.


The key to success with this slot machine trick was in the methodology.

A player attaches a string to a coin, drops it into the machine till it activates the game, and then pulls it back out again. Thanks to technological advancements, this method is now mostly obsolete.

Light Wand

Some consider Tommy Glenn Carmichael the most infamous slot machine con artist ever. The light wand was his idea. Carmichael would use his light wand to make jackpot prizes materialise out of nowhere.

Using the laser wand on a slot machine would essentially blind the optical sensor, rendering it unable to determine when or how much money had been put.

This meant that Carmichael could use strategy to his advantage when playing slot machines, increasing the value of his little wins.

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