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DIY Fall Decor Ideas: How to Transform Your Space for the Season

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The fall season is just around the corner. And while everyone will be busy preparing for colder temperatures, it is important to also take the time to decorate your home for the season. Fall is the time of year when most people would prefer to stay inside their homes after spending a lot of time outdoors in summer. So, why not get creative with textiles and paint colors to achieve a warm, cozy autumn home. Here are some DIY fall decor ideas you may want to follow to transform your space for the season:

Incorporate fall florals in your home decor

What better way to refresh your home this fall season than decorating with fall florals. You do not even have to order flower bouquets from an expensive flower store. Unleash your creativity by doing the flower arrangement on your own. Make use of the available fall florals in your garden, like shrub rose, ornamental grasses, chrysanthemum, rosemary, and toad lily. 

Use hanging pumpkin planters

Adding greenery inside your home is one way to improve your indoor air quality no matter the season. Grow your indoor plants in hanging pumpkin planters to create a fun autumn vibe in your home. You can find a variety of pumpkin planters in your local home improvement store or create one on your own. 

Lighten up your yard with string lights

Do not forget to add some personal touch to your yard as well this fall season. Get ready for your fall parties by installing outdoor string lights. Be sure to choose LEDs as they provide many benefits and work great in cold weather. String lights are very easy to install; you don’t even have to call the pros to do it for you. 

Add plaid accents

Plaid accents are great to use in fall to create a fun, cozy vibe in a room. You can use this favorite fall pattern in both small and large pieces, from table napkins and throw pillows to a sofa and ceiling-to-floor window treatments.

Hang a wreath

One of the most popular home decorations in fall is a DIY wreath. There are a lot of readily available materials in your home that you can use to create a fall wreath, including branches, pine cones, oranges and eucalyptus, corn husk, dried flowers, and many more. Crafting a fall wreath is a fun activity that you can do with your family at home. 

Create a gallery wall

Bring out classic art pieces to build your own gallery wall at home. This is an easy way to add style and character as well as set the mood in a room. Art walls are perfect to put up in hallways and even on your white bathroom walls. 

Light seasonal candles

Fall home decoration will never be complete without scented candles. Seasonal candles are not only great decor pieces, they also help make your home smell fresh and feel relaxing. Among the best candle scents to use in fall are cinnamon, warm wood, black pomegranate, oakmoss, apple, raspberry, and spice.

Do not forget your HVAC maintenance tasks this fall!

If your seasonal allergies prevent you from opening your doors and windows in the fall, you will probably have to leave your AC on to get fresh indoor air. After blasting your AC in summer, there’s a great chance system issues will come out in the fall. To ensure the efficient performance of your air conditioner, call a professional AC repair Austin. Hiring the pros will guarantee you fast and efficient results when it comes to your AC maintenance and repair. Schedule a service appointment today!


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