How Technology is Transforming Healthcare.

health and technology

  Do you ever think that healthcare can be transformed by technology? Or you can imagine a healthcare organization where all the patients are examined by artificial intelligence. These technologies and methods like Tele-health and Artificial intelligence have changed the medical world. With the help of superfast technology, you can check your heart rate and … Read more

Apple and Google integrated tracking system against COVID-19

integrated tracking system

Apple and Google have decided to intervene. The two big companies have just announced the creation of a integrated tracking system that will be integrated into iOS and Android. The idea? Make available to health authorities tools that allow the development of applications to try to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Specifically, Google and Apple have decided to standardize … Read more

Technology companies do their bit to fight COVID-19 crisis

With the current COVID-19 crisis, companies in the technology sector have turned to citizens and organizations, contributing their bit. From mobile operators to manufacturers of terminals and peripherals, each firm has tried to help in its own way, either by manufacturing respirators or donating masks to healthcare entities. The idea of ​​this text is to collect all these initiatives and, … Read more

How to use the official WHO bot for COVID-19 on WhatsApp to inform you


We will explain how to use the official bot for the WHO coronavirus for WhatsApp with which to obtain official and reliable information about COVID-19. It is a WHO bot for COVID-19 that was officially launched on March 20, 2020. Thanks to this bot from the World Health Organization, you will be able to obtain in a very simple … Read more