Caffeinate With Responsibility: Why Do People Prefer Sustainable Coffee?

Caffeinate With Responsibility

The concept of “green coffee” is viral on social media. As the name suggests, green coffee refers to the primary stages of coffee production, which includes the coffee beans’ growth, harvest, and transport. These coffee beans are then roasted, which gives a rich flavour and dark brown colour to the coffee.

Meanwhile, there is sustainable coffee in Australia, which has already won the heart of coffee lovers and planet lovers alike. So, this article is all about the same and its magical powers!

Coffee and the Environmental Questions

Coffee is not only a cup of coffee! It is one of the most popular agricultural commodities globally, trading with more than 146 billion cups annually by each continent. Brazil is the largest producer of the world’s favourite caffeine, while countries of the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Central America and Africa also have large hands in the production.

Coffee production is not simple as its soothing aroma; it takes years and years to produce the best coffee in town. A coffee tree takes five to seven years to have the first blooms, which bear for more than twenty-five years. Machine or manual harvesting is done after it, which is followed by the processing stage. Later, the cleaned and readied coffee is exported around the world.

Coffee production’s impact on the environment is not less than any other industry, but it always attracted less attention. Besides, the water usage of coffee production is prominent among them. Also, the climate crisis and deforestation are some of the significant issues to be addressed, along with the world’s caffeine consumption. And, with these risks of destruction of the rainforest, along with the fungal pests and pathogens, sustainable coffee becomes the Messiah.

What Is It?

As the name suggests, it is the sustainable production of coffee by taking care of the environment and coffee equally, without compromising the quantity and quality of each other. Farmers here use the best crop management along with sustainable water use practices, as it will help control the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Moreover, in sustainable production, the producers use coffee hulls as fuels, which will halt the deforestation of eucalyptus trees.

So, in order to get caffeinated responsibly, check the label of the coffee packets to find the BCorp certification.

Why Is BCorp Certification Mandatory?

Choosing coffee with BCorp certification is the wisest choice any coffee lover can make. Only reputed coffee producers are certified to B Corporation, and this certificate is about the sustainable production of coffee to enhance the environment. The certification is given only to the firms with quality work with their workers, customers, suppliers, society and, more importantly, the environment.

The BCorp community comprises four thousand corporations, which belong to seventy countries, which ensures the planet’s well-being by making it strong through sustainable enterprises. Coffee production with BCorp Certification is well aware of the environmental impact, and they strive together towards moulding and sustaining the best of the earth. Hence, the best taste of the coffee produced along with enhancing the best living atmosphere is no more a myth.

What Can a Coffee Lover Do to Save the Planet?

  • Support reputed coffee brands that follow sustainable production. These coffee brands are powerful enough to bring out the best tastes and are concerned about the environmental impacts.
  • When purchasing coffee, always check the BCorp label in the sachets or coffee bottles. It ensures the quality of the beans and the work and efforts to bring out the aromatic coffee beans to the world while saving the planet.
  • Have a coffee chat with the caring producers, and acquire knowledge about sustainable practices along with delicious coffee.
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