Best ways to invest in physical gold

Best ways to invest in physical gold

Buying gold is one of the best ways to invest your money if you are looking for a long term investment plan. You can use your physical gold as jewellery, for household purposes and even during financial emergencies.

Gold investments and gold jewellery is gaining a lot of traction in the Indian market and therefore more and more people are making it a part of their investment portfolio. You can see this popularity from the changing values of metrics like 916 gold rate today Bangalore or the city where you are from. This page has more information on it. Whether you are looking to buy gold as an investment, gold for gifting purposes or even to improve on your jewellery collection, there are various ways through which you can invest in it.

Traditionally, people buy jewellery as it is an attractive way to own gold. However, these days, there are more options available. You can either buy it physically or in the form of paper. If you want to learn more about how to invest in physical gold, you’re welcome to read our article and know more about each investment option and its pros and cons.

  • Jewellery

With the kind of disposable income Indians have, the popularity of gold jewellery is not surprising. India, in fact, ranks third on the list of global consumers of gold jewellery. Indians buy gold for a multitude of reasons – be it for showing off their affluence in front of others, for gifting loved ones as part of the tradition, or simply as an investment asset. However, despite its popularity, owning a gold necklace or bracelet comes with its own share of challenges like safety issues, maintenance, outdated designs and the making charges.

  • Gold coins

Buying gold coins from jewellers will get you the highest value for your money because they tend to ask for more premium compared to eCommerce websites. Although, buying gold coins through eCommerce websites are also an easy way to purchase them because they are cheaper than buying them from jewellers. But keep in mind that, there is no guarantee when it comes to buying gold coins through e-commerce websites because they are unregulated.

With the price of gold skyrocketing in the international markets, the government has come up with an idea that can help its investors easily invest in gold. It has launched creatively designed gold coins, which will have on one side a National Emblem of Ashok Chakra engraving and Mahatma Gandhi on the other. Hence if you want to invest in these it is highly advisable that you keep track of things like gold price today Mumbai or Jaipur depending on where you want to invest.

  • Gold savings scheme

This is one of the most common ways to invest in physical gold. Herein a customer invests by depositing a fixed amount of money per month for a period of time. After that duration ends, you can buy the gold from the same jeweller The amount you buy would depend on the money you have deposited plus you get a bonus amount. The conversion is done based on the prevailing gold prices at the time of maturity. The jeweller may add one month’s instalment when the tenure ends as an incentive.

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