Best Tech for Young Adults

Best Tech for Young Adults

If you are a young adult or teenager or are the parent to one, you might be looking around for technology and tech tools that can benefit your young person and improve their life. As such, here are some of the best technologies that teens and young people should think about using if they want to go far.


College Acceptance Calculator

One of the biggest decisions in your young person’s life might be deciding which college or university they want to go to and getting the right grades to go to the college of their choice. As such, to ensure that they can make an informed decision and find a college or university that suits them and that allows them to pursue their dreams, you should consider encouraging them to use CampusReel’s college acceptance calculator. This calculator can help your teen or young person to make an informed decision by allowing them to view the entry requirements and decide whether they meet these and are eligible for the college in question.


Although many parents are reluctant to invest in a smartphone for their young person because they believe that they will get addicted to it, a smartphone can help your young person to gain greater independence as an adult. Not only this, but smartphones can be excellent for both work and play, as your young person will be able to use them to complete revision and studying, check their finances, work from anywhere and complete assignments, and even apply for part-time or full-time jobs that can allow them to earn money and build up skills that will become important for life. As such, you should consider helping them to save up for a smartphone so that they can have all of the tools that they need for life within their pocket.

Health Websites

There are also many ways in which tech can help your teen to stay healthy, including reputable health websites, some of which have the support and funding of the government. These health websites have been specifically designed to allow teens and young adults to take control of their own health and to find out more information about health problems that may be troubling them. Not only this, but health websites can be safe spaces to learn how to keep themselves healthy both now and in the future.

Time Management and Productivity Apps

If your teen has difficulty studying, they should also consider downloading time management and productivity apps. These can help even the most hardcore procrastinators to develop skills that can allow them to keep focused and stay on track and can make exam revision a much smoother process than previously. As such, you should look for apps that have been specially designed for teens and their needs and that are fun and exciting to use. This will then ensure that they have a greater chance for success and that they can meet their goals without any distractions from their phone or their hobbies.

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