Benefits of using SARMS – Read before you buy!

Benefits of using SARMS


What are SARMs?

Unlike anabolic steroids, there is very little clinical information about SARMs. This has led to a lot of skepticism in so many people. The truth, however, is that the little we know about SARMs shows that they are miles better than anabolic steroids. Clinical studies have proven that users of SARMs are less likely to encounter discomforting adverse reactions compared to steroid stans.

In fact, if you get high-quality SARMs and follow the prescriptions accurately, research has it that you will probably enjoy their benefits without any side effects. In cases where one uses high doses of SARMs, side effects are more likely to occur but the good news is that in most cases, the impact of these effects isn’t as much when compared to the use of steroids. This is one of the reasons why SARMs suppliers have taken the bodybuilding industry by a storm.

How well do you know these compounds though? What sorts of results or benefits should you expect from gaggling these pills every day?

SARMs like many other supplements are usually surrounded by lots of speculations about what they can do. Thanks to aggressive salesperson out there, SARMs have been linked with almost everything positive. This can be very misleading especially to people who don’t know much about these compounds.

Understanding what a supplement can achieve helps you in making an informed decision. This reduces the possibility of dealing with the frustrations of not witnessing a benefit which was never in the offing in the first place.

SARMS Benefits

Following are the benefits of SARMs that you can expect.

Boosts Muscle Growth

Studies have proven that SARMs are exceptional when it comes to muscle growth and development. Scientists explain that selective androgen receptor modulators are very selective in binding to androgen receptors. This results in more anabolic effects within the bones and muscles.

Results in muscle growth are expected in all types of SARMs but the extent of this growth is usually dependent on two factors. First, is the specific type of SARM that you choose. These supplements come in different types with each of them working uniquely. In terms of muscle growth, Ligandrol (LGD-4033) seems to be the most effective. It has been seen to promote muscle growth significantly and in a very safe way compared to other SARMs.

How much muscle mass you’ll be able to gain from SARMs could also depend on your specific case or rather how well your system reacts to a given supplement. While a big majority of bodybuilders have been able to enjoy extensive muscle development, others haven’t witnessed the same. Instead, other types of SARMs have been more effective to them. This is why it’s usually advisable to start using SARMs under the supervision of a physician as they can help you get the right match.

It’s also fair that we point out SARMs, so far, haven’t been seen to be more powerful than anabolic steroids in promoting muscle growth. Scientists describe anabolic steroids as “wildly explosive” while SARMs are a bit gentler but still get the job done and the best part is that they are safer for this purpose than steroids.

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Increases Endurance

SARMs give you that opportunity you’ve always been dreaming about; spending longer productive hours in the gym. With these supplements, your body will be able to withstand strenuous exercises for extended periods. This allows you to work on your muscle and develop at an even faster rate.

How do SARMs achieve this? According to a study by Weichen, Ph.D. published in 2015, selective androgen receptor modulator supplements like Cardarine (GW-501516) assist in activating PPAR gene. This, in turn, increases your muscle fiber’s ability to take up more oxygen. Consequently, they allow the muscle to remain active and functional for longer hours.

Reduces Recovery Time

How many hours do you lose weekly/monthly giving your muscles a break? How much more do you think you’ll be able to do in the gym if you could reduce your recovery time even if it is just by 30%? Clinical trials explain that some SARMs are capable of cutting down your recovery time by up to 50%! Yes, and with all that time, the opportunities become endless.

These supplements help in reducing the recovery time of both muscle tissues and neurotransmitters. This doesn’t just bring your muscles back in play but also makes sure that your brain performance is also up for the task. This leads to a productive and fun time at the gym.

Decreases Body Fat

For most beginners, fat is a big challenge when trying to bulk up. In some people, this fat can be very stubborn preventing you from getting the room necessary for muscle growth. A few advanced bodybuilders have also been having problems dealing with fat in the body.

Supplements like Cardarine, offer an excellent solution to this issue. This and other SARMs, reduce the amount of body fat in various ways. First, they stimulate your body to operate as if it is reacting to starvation. This prompts the release of fat cells which are then broken down for energy and other uses. As a result, fat tissues in the body will be reduced significantly leaving room for more muscle growth. Secondly, these supplements approach body fat in a similar way as a growth hormone.

How so?

Well, they control the production of pro-inflammatory markers found in different tissues of the body. This reduces the functions of genes responsible for lipogenesis i.e. formation of fat cells. Through these two approaches, SARMs fight existing fat cells and preventing the formation of new cells. This has also been seen to benefit users in terms of weight loss.

SARMs are Safer than Steroids

When users of steroids and SARMs are compared, SARMs always emerge victorious in terms of safety. This has for the longest time been the leading selling point of these supplements. Notorious side effects such as gynecomastia, hair loss, acne, and virilization rarely occur and this is a relief to thousands of athletes.

This, however, doesn’t mean that SARM users are entirely safe and free from danger. Nope, you are not. It only means that experiencing these side effects is highly unlikely. There are still instances where people use these supplements and still end up tackling the above issues. Fortunately, these cases rarely occur and when they do they are never as aggressive as we see in steroid users. Keeping the dosages low or as prescribed should keep you safe from adverse reactions.

SARMs offer a great alternative to steroids for the big number of people who couldn’t find a safe supplement. Liver toxicity, which is a rampant problem among steroid users, is hardly reported when using selective androgen receptor modulators.

SARMs are generally available for oral use

This may not sound like a huge plus but imagine being able to enjoy all the benefits of steroids without having to use injections? A lot of people dreaded using certain forms of steroids because they were only available in injectable forms. With SARMs, therefore, you’ll only have to take a couple of capsule daily (or as advised) and just walk into the gym to see the magic unfold.

Various clinical trial on injectable forms of SARMs are still ongoing but no such product has been made available yet. We also understand that scientists are yet to come up with a safe form of injectable SARMs.


SARMs are an entirely new class of drugs different from steroids but with similar results. Considering that they are effective and mostly free from adverse reactions, a lot of users and physicians recommend them as an ideal alternative. Getting the right type of SARM will definitely be a game changer to your bodybuilding journey.

If you want to take the advantage of SARMs insane benefits, you can find the best SARMs for cutting, bulking and strength here: SARMs for Sale in 2023

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