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A Quick Guide to Life in Banff

A Quick Guide to Life in Banff

Truthfully, Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic parks in all of Canada. It sits in the Canadian Rockies, is easily accessible, and provides breathtaking views of the natural wilderness. Let’s talk about some of the most special parts of living in Banff.

Frigid Beauty

Once again, Banff, Alberta is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. However, it is cold. It’s going to get quite cold in the winter months due to being in the Rocky Mountains. And living in the mountains brings with it plenty of wildlife. Banff is a small town and its members are close-knit, welcoming, and love their home.

The residents of Banff know how cold it can be and this makes for a lot of fun winter activities for the whole family. Over 3 million people visit Banff every year because even though its temperatures are freezing at times, the views and adventures are priceless. Snowmobiling, ice skating, snowshoeing, and skiing are just some of the cold weather fun available in Banff.

If you have been looking at Banff homes for sale, you’ll need to look at how the weather is going to be year-round. But thankfully in summer, the weather is hot. Don’t let the rumors fool you, it still gets warm in the summer even in Canada.

A Naturalist’s Paradise

Banff is full of wilderness, most of it completely untouched. This is important to maintain not just to the locals but to anyone or any organization that wants to preserve what we have on this amazing planet. If you are someone who cannot live without being in nature, then Banff is the place for you.

There are all of the obvious outdoor activities that are popular such as fishing, hiking, and biking. There are numerous trails that are maintained throughout the mountains and canyons. Some of the greatest sights are available to you here. Another favorite of nature lovers is the natural hot springs that are located on the lower slopes of Sulfur Mountain.

As mentioned above, there is a lot of natural wildlife so it’s important to be safe when you are out exploring the mountains. But if you’re looking to get closer to some of the wildlife, you can experience dogsledding firsthand just as the indigenous peoples did. And there is the gorgeous Lake Louise and Moraine Lake with their glacier-fed turquoise waters.

No Really, Wildlife is Everywhere

As stated many times in this article, the wildlife is prominent in Banff and it’s something that the town prides itself on. Don’t be surprised to find an elk crossing your street or a black bear trotting through your yard. After all, it is their home too.

The wildlife is something in Banff that they like to preserve and keep very much integrated with regular living. You won’t find anyone trying to usher the wildlife away. It’s encouraged to view these animals from a safe distance and there is plenty to learn about protecting yourself from the dangerous wildlife. Some male elk can be aggressive during mating season and there are wolf packs that trot through the mountain’s foothills during the spring and fall.

If all of this sounds like an actual paradise, then Banff is your spot. Besides just the wildlife and activities, there are delicious foods to enjoy and plenty of eclectic shopping. Everyone can find something they love about living in Banff and your family will surely find their favorites while living here as well.

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