A Just and Equitable ending to a Marriage

A Just and Equitable ending to a Marriage

Marriages are a very happy occasion in most families. Most individuals want marriages to last a lifetime. However, things do not always go according to plan. Sometimes, individuals in a marriage want to split up. In these cases, there has to be a uniform division in the property. Lawyers deftly handle divorce property settlements in Brisbane to help such individuals.

There has been a peak in divorces during the advent of the pandemic in Australia. Brisbane does not shy away from this statistic. Statistically, couples from Brisbane are the most unhappy, followed by those in Adelaide. Thus, there is an imminent need for lawyers that can handle divorce settlements.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

This fact thus begs the question, Why do I need a lawyer. There are many benefits to hiring a good lawyer. Not many individuals might want to approach a lawyer due to their principles or morals. However, it does not bode well for those that try handling divorces of their own accord.

i)Knowledge – A lawyer has immense knowledge in specific fields as they are experts in them. They are aware of all legislations and regulations established. They also know the changes that take place in legislation and can keep up with them.

ii)Paperwork – A divorce is a complicated process that involves a plethora of paperwork. Those that have not undertaken heavy paperwork in the past might find it difficult. Keeping track of all the papers is indeed a task. Lawyers have experience in this regard and help finish the process in an organised manner.

iii)Focus on the objective- Finally, the lawyer helps one focus on the task at hand. The lawyer is a third party to the divorce; he is not clouded by emotion and can act rationally. They perform all the necessary requisites deftly and without any hesitation.

Assets are a vital aspect of every individual’s financial well-being. It is thus significant to safeguard these assets during times of divorce. Lawyers help parties achieve a uniform division in assets after these parties decide to split up.

Property Settlement Process

  1. i) Just and Equitable – The first question that comes up is whether the court can pass a just and equitable order after considering the parties’ situations.
  2. ii) Value of Properties – The court then moves on to assess the nature and value of properties that have been drawn up as part of the settlement process.

iii) Financial knowledge – The court proceeds to assess the financial situation of the family. Thus this includes ascertaining the breadwinner and the homemaker of the family.

  1. iv) Legislative factors – The court ensures that all divisional agendas proposed come under the law. It also assesses the future of the parties involved in the Marriage.
  2. v) Order – Finally, the court probes on passing an order that is just and equitable to both the parties involved as well as the State.

As observed, the process of divorce is highly complicated. Unhappy couples for divorces might want to split assets differently. In such cases, there is a dispute raised between the two parties. An expert is required to adjudicate on the matter as the parties might not be completely aware of the laws in place.

Expert lawyers help out in divorce property settlement in Brisbane by deliberating the laws with their clients. Parties to the divorce will have a multitude of questions. The lawyers will ensure that there is a quick and easy redressal to all parties involved. By doing this, they help their clients reach a settlement that is just and equitable.

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