8 Tips on Buying CBD Online Safely for New Users

8 Tips on Buying CBD Online Safely for New Users

Online shopping can be convenient and also unsafe if you don’t do your research. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 2.2 million fraud reports from various consumers.

CBD is soaring in popularity and more online stores are popping up. How can you find the right online CBD store? Keep reading to learn some tips about buying CBD online safely.


1. Look for a Company With High-Quality CBD Oil 

As you look at different CBD products, make sure you know the brand and what kind of product you are interested in. There are different CBD oils for different needs. The two most common kinds of products are broad-spectrum hemp extract capsules and full-spectrum CBD oil.

You also need to look at the different CBD oil concentrations. You may want to start with the lower concentrations first to see how your body reacts.

You should also do your research and look for reputable brands when buying CBD oil because not all products are created equal. You don’t want to buy the lowest-priced product because it may contain some harmful chemicals. Check for good strains like the Gummies Strain.

2. Check Third-Party Lab Tests

Before you buy online, you should look for third-party lab tests on the company’s website. It is necessary to have a separate entity test the CBD to check its quality and make sure there is nothing hidden like cannabis.

Why are these tests important? Some companies try to sell hemp seed oil and say it is CBD oil. Having a third party check the potency helps weed out fraudulent companies.

3. Read Online Customer Reviews

You want to check out customer reviews on CBD oils and products. Look for reviews on different sites like Yelp or Amazon and not just the company’s website where the reviews will intentionally be biased.

You can get an idea of how people reacted to the product. Try to find more recent reviews and see how people feel about the company or brand.

4. Check for Website Security

Just like other e-commerce websites, you should check for security. You want to make sure the site is using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Look for the “https” in their web address in your browser.

Why is this important? The SSL encrypts all the information you send through this site. It makes it harder for hackers to get your information.

Double-check that the checkout system is secure. You can ask how the company will use or store your data if you are unsure.

CBD is such a big market right now, so there are several scams and hackers out there. You want to make sure you are buying from a secure site, so if it doesn’t feel right, trust your gut.

5. Look Where CBD Is Coming From

You shouldn’t just be worried about the shipping fees. You also need to check where the plants are grown and where the DBD is coming from.

The growing environment affects the plants in several ways, and that can have a bearing on your CBD product. This is why you want to make sure you buy it from the right area. U.S. and European growers typically do not use pesticides and herbicides, so the plants are not contaminated with toxic chemicals.

You want to make sure the plant is a hemp plant and not a cannabis plant. Why? This helps determine if this site is legal.

Not all countries have the same standards and rules, so some CBD may be illegal. It may not even be safe or real. This is why you need to know where your CBD is from.

6. Watch Out for Health Claims

If the CBD store is making health claims, you should be wary. You want to stick clear if the manufacturer says the CBD product will make the pain disappear or cure depression.

The FDA does not allow sellers to make health claims. Even though there is lots of research that suggests the health benefits of CBD, they are not proven, so there should be no claims on a website.

A company that makes these claims is probably not trustworthy. Most reputable CBD brands are upfront about research and suggest that CBD might help.

If they make these claims, they are not playing by the rules. This may mean that they may scam you or send you subpar products as well.

7. Find a Company That Provides Fast Shipping

When you buy CBD online, it’s important to check how fast the shipping is. You want a company that offers fast shipping. The whole purpose of buying online is for accessibility and convenience.

When you first check out a site, see how long their delivery will take. They may even offer various options like free, expedited, or overnight shipping. You should choose the fastest option to get it in time.

If the company does not offer quick delivery, it can be a sign that it is not coming from a reputable country and that’s why it is taking longer than others.

8.  Review the Return Policy

Before buying anything online, you should check out the company’s return policy. Some companies only offer a limited return or refund policy. You may need to return the product in its original package, and you will probably have a limited time.

If there is no return policy, you may want to steer clear. This can be a red flag that something isn’t right. A good company will back their products and offer some kind of return policy.

Buying CBD Online Safely

By following these tips, you can trust you are buying CBD online safely. Make sure you do your research and check the company’s reputation. Look for website security, and if it doesn’t feel safe, choose another site.

Looking for more online safety tips? Keep exploring our site today.

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