7 Compelling Benefits of Car Shipping

7 Compelling Benefits of Car Shipping

Did you know that each year roughly 7.1 million Americans move to a different state? For many of these individuals, this move will involve traveling across the country.

If you’re getting ready for this type of move, you have a lot of things to consider. One important decision is whether you will ship your vehicle, or vehicles, to your new home, or drive them there.

If you aren’t convinced that a car shipping service is right for you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go over seven benefits that come with car shipping. That way, you can see that it’s well worth the cost.


1. Saves Time

If you’re like most people, you probably have a busy schedule. Moving takes a lot of time to get everything packed up and transported. Odds are, you don’t want to add a long road trip to that.

Just moving a couple of states over can take an entire day of driving. If you’re going across the country, that can quickly turn into a couple of days.

By getting car shippers to move your vehicle you can free up valuable time for work, family, or moving considerations.

2. Saves Money

Many people think that they can save money by driving their car to a new state instead of shipping. However, the opposite is usually true. A cross-country road trip is more expensive than you might think.

You’re usually not just paying for gas. You also need to think about accommodations and dining. And, that’s not even including any maintenance emergencies that happen along the way.

If you blow a tire, then you could be held up in a city waiting for repairs. That just increases your hotel bill and causes you to lose money. So, car shipping can save you a lot of money.

Just make sure you go with the best car shipping service,, since they offer fair shipping quotes.

3. It’s Safer

Often we think of driving as a safe activity. However, the only reason we think this way is because we often do it every day. The reality is that driving is incredibly dangerous from a statistical standpoint.

Every year over two million people are injured in car accidents. Even worse, 32,000 individuals die. If you go on a long road trip to move your car, you’re only increasing these chances.

That’s because it’s easy to get tired or bored when on a long trip. And there are plenty of reckless drivers on the road, especially after dark. Shipping your car, on the other hand, is much safer.

You can fly to your new home and avoid the potentially dangerous highway below.

4. Less Stressful

As we mentioned, moving is stressful. Odds are you’re probably juggling a lot of tasks. Finalizing your living situation, packing everything up, and contacting movers are just some of the things involved.

You don’t need more stress on your plate when worrying about your car. There’s a lot of planning needed to drive your car to your new home. You need to think about routes, hotels, and gas.

Plus, you might be worrying about a breakdown if your vehicle is earlier. A car shipping company makes everything much less stressful. With this method, a professional takes over all of the responsibility for you.

That can be all it takes to make moving just a little less stressful.

5. You Can Move Multiple Vehicles

If you’re like most large American families, you don’t have just one vehicle. But, two to three vehicles can complicate your vehicle moving situation. Odds are you don’t have enough drivers to operate all of the vehicles.

That’s where car shipping is an easy solution. Shippers use trucks that can easily carry multiple vehicles. Many shippers offer reduced rates when you ship multiple vehicles with them.

As such, you can potentially save money when you choose to ship a lot of cars.

6. Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Road trips take a toll on your vehicle. Driving for thousands of miles wears down your tires, hurts your brakes, and takes a toll on the engine. And, that’s not even including the mileage being added to the odometer.

If you plan on selling your vehicle soon, then driving it to a new home can greatly lower the amount of money you’ll get. Car shipping allows you to get your car to a new home without any wear and tear.

It’s a great option if you purchased a new car that you care about. It’s also ideal if you own a car with really bad gas mileage like a Jeep.

7. Lower Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies use a lot of different factors to determine the rate they charge you. One of these factors is how far you regularly travel in your car.

The longer you’re on the road, the more at risk you are of a potential accident. Because of this, insurance companies will charge more for people that drive great distances.

As such, your rates could increase if you decide to drive. But, if you decide to ship your car, it doesn’t put it at risk. So, your insurance rates will stay the same.

Enjoy Learning About the Benefits of a Car Shipping Service? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn about the benefits that come with a car shipping service. Many people think that this type of service is only good for long-distance moves.

But, the reality is that it makes the stressful moving process easier for trips small and large. So, contact professionals today to take a load of stress off your plate.

Did you love this article? If the answer is yes, then odds are that you want more like it. Luckily, we’re always adding new content to our site. So, continue diving in to learn everything you can about a diverse range of subjects.

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