7 Best Watch Brands to Consider for Your Next Timepiece Purchase

Best Watch Brands

Using some of your precious resources in investing, especially on luxurious things, like watches or jewelry, has consistently been a quiet market, however, it’s pretty much noticeable because of the amount of cash that flows through it. According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, from 2016, the fourth most significant speculation resource is watches (5%). This falls just behind liquor and old vintage vehicles.

Luxury brands like Omega and Coach are pretty much very well known for being the top-tier brands of watches in the world. Laced with luxury and undeniable opulence, it’s easy to see why their varying timepieces are a worthy investment. But we want to offer you exquisite watches that won’t break your bank, too. This article features seven watch brands that are worth looking into for your first or next watch purchase to start or add to your collection.

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    Tommy Hilfiger

We’ll start our list with a brand you may not have expected to create elegant watches. Tommy Hilfiger watches have an array of exquisite and unique styles. Some Tommy Hilfiger watch straps are made of durable soft leather, and some even feature a stone-set casing.

Essentially, Tommy Hilfiger watches are not considered as luxury timepieces by many watch enthusiasts. But this brand is known to make quality clothes and now, venturing into timepieces, they hold on to what they’re known for. You will surely get an elegant timepiece from this brand, which will last you for many years to come.

  • Bulova

If you want to dress like a celebrity, you can do so with watches of this brand with its limited-edition Grammy pieces, for example. The Precisionist Special GRAMMY ® Edition, (goes for $680) is a nod to music’s biggest event and is nothing short of fabulous. This watch includes the iconic Grammy logo, percussion-inspired design, and all in stainless steel. This watch is guaranteed to become one of your new favorites. For something that is under $1000, you can look like a celebrity without even breaking the bank.

Bulova timepieces are good watches. And that goes without saying. Bulova can produce well-designed, expensive-looking, and beautifully crafted timepieces and yet offer them at affordable prices.

  • Gucci

One of the very best that never disappoints. One of the best examples from this brand is the Gucci Men’s Interlocking G Watch. With its interlocked G bezel and signature brand colors, this immediately becomes an essential accessory staple.

Besides all the fabulous styles and looks, everybody knows that Gucci watches are absolutely good value for money. These watches will stand out amongst any other Swiss watch brands out there with their quality material.

  • Omega

If in case you are searching for a bit more of a luxury item, then acquiring this Omega watch is a very safe bet. The iconic Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Watch will be able to always make heads turn. Its beautiful moon phase-shaped design, stainless steel case as well as polished clasp make it truly one of a kind.

An Omega watch is always a great investment. There are some vintage Speedmasters out there that will have increased value by several hundred percent.

  • Versace

Another top-level brand with top-level products. Versace also has an entire line of watches to choose from. One very good example is the Versace 45mm Greca Chrono Two-Tone Bracelet Watch. This is a Switzerland-made timepiece that is undeniably irresistible. It features beautiful stainless steel that is complemented with yellow gold accents that are way past the level of stunning. To top it all off, it comes with the fabulous Versace logo making it the perfect fashion statement.

  • Movado

If you want something out of the ordinary, Movado watches might be the perfect fit for you. Movado is considered a fashion watch brand at its very core. This isn’t considered as one of those high-end luxury watch brands. Value-wise it only shows that it really shouldn’t be compared to the bigger brands just like Rolex, Breitling, or Tag Heuer for that matter. But make no mistake, this brand and its watches are of high quality. Plus these watches come with a unique design that eventually gained its fans and collectors all over the world.

One of their watches, the Movado 40mm Bold Evolution Watch, will certainly live up to the hype. This watch comes in its beautiful blue color and its stainless steel bracelet will accentuate any outfit combo you might decide on.

  • Coach

Right off the bat, there’s no denying that Coach watches are of extremely high quality. They’re Swiss and are made by Movado. All the materials used for these watches are the same as that of the fashion-focused Movado branded watches. A good bonus is that they come with a two-year warranty.

A good example here is the Coach Preston Chronograph Brown Leather Strap Watch. Since these Coach watches are the epitome of elegance, this watch is stunning and doesn’t disappoint. It comes with gold plated steel and a brown leather strap. This gives it the pop of style that every outfit requires. A definite bonus here that is pretty much a must-have is its mineral crystal and striking blue chronograph. This makes it a trendy must-have in your collection.

8. TAG Heuer Carrera

Over the years and years that had gone by, TAG Heuer has become closely associated with everything related to motorsports that the names are synonymous at this point. A good example is the motorsport watch Carrera launched in 1963. This watch that comes with its precise and easy-to-use chronograph has become a popular racing piece.


There is a whole slew of must-have accessories that are great for adding a well-needed additional splash of style to every version of look you may be thinking of. A great plus to watches, in general, is their innate ability to keep you on schedule. And that doesn’t hurt. So add a watch from any of these brands to your closet and make your ensemble more complete!

These are just some of the best pieces we could find. But even with just this simple list, there is a definite guarantee that you’ll be getting the real deal with authorized retailers as well as all the well-known department stores that sell these. Our favorite online store for elegant and unique timepieces is for the best watches and prices. We guarantee only authentic and stylish watches from their website.

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