6 Online File Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Online File Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you converting business documents?

Over 11 different file formats exist for text files. Choosing the proper file type can be difficult, especially without prior experience. It also applies when looking for an online converter.

Knowing what to do and what not to do ensures you get the best results for your file conversion task. Our guide will discuss the latter. Read on and learn common online file conversion mistakes today:


1. Not Reading the Privacy Policy

Before using an online file converter, consider reading their privacy policy. It’s one of the most common mistakes since people often trust these websites. However, it could be fatal since it could cause lots of trouble in the future.

Without reading their privacy policy, you’re at risk of information stealing and fraud. Spare some time to ensure you understand whether these websites keep information from your file.

2. Formatting Issues

One major mistake is uploading the final file and seeing formatting problems afterward. Avoid this by selecting the file type capable of supporting its formatting elements.

Another method is to work on the document file’s formatting issues before conversion. It includes fixing the border, layouts, and headings. When you do, it looks better and more legible.

3. Image Positioning

When converting your file to another format, it might change the text and image positions. Work on your text wrapping tools to avoid this issue. Doing so ensures it stays the way you want it to look.

The image positioning problem often happens when converting from PDF to Word.

4. Incompatible File Types

As a first-time file converter user, check whether your desired format is compatible with your current file type. For example, check whether you can convert HTML to PDF C#.

In some cases, direct conversion is impossible. However, you can convert a file to a compatible format instead. You can convert a Word Document into HTML and compress pdf before making it into a PNG.

5. Bad File Quality

Ensure the original file has the best possible quality before conversion. Sometimes, the converted file has a slightly worse condition. Converting a poor file means ending up with an unpresentable document.

6. Improper File Size

Look at the online converter’s size restrictions. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time receiving the same errors. It’s more prevalent when the website doesn’t tell you the specific issue.

Sometimes, the website allows you to convert the file despite the size. The caveat is the converted document is also huge. It could also become smaller but suffer from poor quality.

Avoid Online File Conversion Mistakes Now

These are the most common online file conversion mistakes around. Never let your business file management efforts suffer. Use these errors to guide you toward doing the best practices around.

However, learning from these is only the beginning. Avoid falling into shady websites by doing further research. Check the online converter’s reputation and ensure they collect nothing from your documents.

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, consider looking at our other posts for more valuable information today.

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