5 Things to Do After the Wedding Ceremony

5 Things to Do After the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding festivities are all about spending a magical time with your friends and family, especially your significant other. But what happens after the wedding? As soon as the festivities wind down, you might be exhausted tremendously and require time to relax. However, it doesn’t end there. There are certain things to do once the wedding is over. Some of them are opening presents and taking care of the wedding dress. Furthermore, you can attain photos for your wedding album and buy a photo frame online.

If you want to know what you need to do after the wedding ceremony, keep reading and note down the essential points.

  1. Send out thank you notes: Some friends and family members who reside far away must have travelled on your special day. Wouldn’t it be great to acknowledge their efforts of coming all the way on your wedding day? You can probably send a nice gift to make them feel special. Additionally, you can send them ‘thank you notes’ to show your gratitude. Hence, you better not wait for this important task. You can block some time on your calendar to take care of this task immediately. Moreover, you can take the help of your significant other. In case you don’t know what to write, you can look for some tips online. For sure, your family and friends will be pleased.
  2. Have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved: Your wedding dress will definitely keep the memories of your wedding alive. Hence, if you plan on keeping the dress for posterity or future generations, make sure that the dress is cleaned by a professional. Whether your future daughters might wear them or not, it is recommended to clean the dress to prevent any stains and smell. When you pull it out after a few years, you might want the dress to look like how it was on the wedding day rather than have the smell of champagne and sweat stains. So, in order to preserve it, you must clean it well.
  3. Open your wedding presents: After the wedding is over, you might be ready to know what’s inside the gift boxes and cards. So, you can open the cards and wedding presents. Well, there’s no doubt that the experience of opening cards and presents is simply exciting. You can either spend your afternoon opening presents in bed or host a gift opening brunch with your significant other. Always remember to take a note of who sent you what, so you can send your thank yous!
  4. Do something with your wedding decor: The little things, when put together, make your wedding day look possible, just like the wedding decor. You can do many things with them after you tie the knot. For instance, on your big day, you must have had 15 glitter-covered Mason jars and 25 vintage suitcases. After the wedding, they appear to be comfortable in your guest bedroom. So, you can find a new home for those items.

Moreover, you can sell them to other couples who are planning their wedding. You can try some online websites or just post your items on social media. Additionally, you can donate them or put them together in a garage sale. In this manner, you will feel relieved to have rooms without any clutter.

  1. Order your wedding album and purchase photo frames: One of the most crucial things to do post-wedding is to order an album. You can contact your photographer for all the wedding photos. After obtaining the digital images, you can look through them and sort out your favourites with your partner. Once you and your partner have decided on the photos, you can inform your photographer right away and get your album delivered. Ensure that your album is designed according to your personal taste and style.

Now that you have obtained an album, it is time to buy a photo frame online. You can choose a frame that looks simple yet elegant. Furthermore, you can include the printed copy of your big day on the frame and keep it in your living room or bedroom. You can also purchase two or more photo frames and hang them on the wall like wall art. Further, you can look for a customised photo frame online. Indeed, you will be enticed with the photos every time you look at the album and photo frames.

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