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5 Helpful Clutter Removal Tips for Homeowners

5 Helpful Clutter Removal Tips for Homeowners

Did you know that the mean home size in the US has risen by 74% since 1910? Nowadays, it averages about 2,500 square feet!

That’s impressive, but such huge spaces are also easy to jam-pack with clutter. Unfortunately, a messy house piled high with stuff isn’t only unaesthetic. It can also attract pests that cause property damage and even health hazards.

To that end, we created this guide listing some of the top tips for clutter removal. Read on so that you can get started on clearing and cleaning out your home today.


1. Do It Room by Room

De-cluttering can be intimidating if you think about the size of your cluttered house. For that reason, it may be best to focus on clearing out your home room by room.

For instance, you can prioritize and begin with the rooms that have the most clutter. It’s also a good idea to start getting rid of the junk in rooms that you most often use.

The most important thing is to finish the job regardless of which area you pick to organize first. Otherwise, you may end up with even more mess to deal with if you start with one room and then switch halfway through.

2. Clear Rooms per Section

To further simplify things, divide the rooms you’d like to de-clutter by section.

For example, let’s say you want to organize the master bedroom first. In that case, you can start by purging your closet and focusing solely on it. That way, you can keep the mess that comes with organizing stuff in one corner of the room.

3. Segregate Right Away

You should also remove items from storage containers one by one, and as you do so, segregate them into piles. One pile can be for the stuff you like to keep, and another for items you might want to donate. Another can be for old clothes you can use as cleaning rags or are ready for the waste bin.

4. Reduce Your Paper Waste

The average US household throws away 13,000 pieces of paper every single year. Most of those take the form of mails and packaging materials.

So, to cut back on your physical paper clutter, consider getting them via e-mail instead. Many banks, utility companies, and service providers now offer this option. That way, you’ll have fewer physical mails to deal with, plus, you also get to do your part in conserving paper.

5. Invest in Professional Clutter Removal Services

Don’t have the time to de-clutter your home, or there’s too much junk in it?

If so, then you might want to delegate the task to junk removal and cleaning professionals. The folks at www.stressfreejunkhauling.com even say that pros would clean your property. So, not only will they help you clear out your cluttered home, but they’ll also help make it pristine again.

Make Getting Rid of Clutter Simpler With These Tips

Always keep in mind that clutter doesn’t only make your home messy and appear unkempt. Aside from attracting pests, clutter can also cause fall accidents and injuries.

So, as early as today, follow our clutter removal tips so that you can make your abode clean and organized again.

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