5 Guiding steps to take when accused of DUI

5 Guiding steps to take when accused of DUI

The only way to avoid such accusations is to avoid driving under the influence. What is a DUI? It is also referred to as driving under the influence. It is a criminal offense in all states. However, sometimes you may be accused of something you are not guilty of. Therefore, below are some steps to take in case you are accused of DUI.

  1. Show some respect to the police.

The first thing to remember if you’ve been pulled over and are accused of driving under the influence is that law enforcement officers are attempting to protect the public in general. Please treat them with deference and respect for the work they accomplish. This is not only the correct thing to do but will also benefit you in the long run. Being a bully will only invite an officer to take steps against you.

  1. Ensure you do not incriminate yourself

Police officers have gone through training, ensuring they get incriminating information from suspects. This is to ensure they keep the general public safe. However, to avoid incriminating yourself, ensure you do not answer any of the questions asked. You may respond by saying you cannot speak without your lawyer. This will help you from having incriminating evidence against you. Another possible way to incriminate oneself is by taking field sobriety tests and breathalyzers. You have a right to refuse to take a field sobriety test. However, this may trigger the officer to subjecy=t you into more tests. Although refusing these tests is an option, they also have consequences, as your driver’s license may be suspended for a year.

  1. Make a list of everything.

Details determine whether a DUI case is won or lost. Regardless of the minor facts of your DUI stopping appearing, write them down. Do it as soon as possible. Memories fade with time. Therefore you want to write everything down while it’s still fresh in your mind so you can declare with confidence that this is what happened. These are crucial data that may assist you in winning your case.

  1. Make your social networking accounts private.

Prosecutors frequently conduct social media searches on suspects. They’re looking for images or remarks you made that might lead to your arrest. Anything you write on the internet can and will be used against you. These images and remarks, when misinterpreted, as they will be if the prosecution gets his hands on them, can ruin your reputation and turn the court against you, whether of your guilt or innocence. Please don’t give them the ammo they need to condemn you. We can’t tell you what to delete, but we can tell you to make your profile private. Also, the best strategy is to remain quiet about it online.

  1. Get a lawyer

To avoid hefty penalties, you can get a skilled lawyer who is familiar with local DUI laws and is prepared to work hard. A skilled and experienced DUI attorney is familiar with current DUI laws, rules, standards, and precedents, which may help you develop a solid defense case. In rare situations, a strong case might result in reduced penalties or even the entire discharge of DUI charges.

In conclusion, in case you are charged with a DUI case, whether guilty or innocent, following the above tips is crucial to help in your case.

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