10 Tips for Decluttering Your Office for A Better Work Space

Tips for Decluttering Your Office

More often than not, our time in our office involves loads of tasks to finish, if not requiring all-nighters just to get them done. Being this busy might mean messy offices for some. We do not blame you. Your mind might work 100 percent at full speed, completely focused on getting the job done. However, some of us can only focus on a handful of stuff at a time and right after you finish your task, you become shocked at how messy your office is. With this, there might be some rearrangements and decluttering that you need to do. The good thing is that we have here a few tips to keep your office organized:


1. Invest in storage

The bulk of all the mess in our office spaces comes from papers, supplies, and other things that do not have their respective places to be stored in. Without an efficient storage solution, all your stuff will just be cramped in the few cabinets and shelves that you have, causing more clutter and eyesore. This will also make things worse when you need to look for something, but all your stuff is mixed up on shelves. Invest in storage solutions that will make your work life convenient and therefore productive. A great way to keep your items and knick-knacks in is to get wall storage shelves which will not only save you a ton of space, but can also help you give your walls some character.

2. Declutter and redistribute

Most of the mess that adds clutter to our homes are the supplies that we have just stashed in after use, without ever returning them to their proper place. By beating all those deadlines, we are not even shocked that we sometimes forget to tidy up our stuff and return those to their proper place. So, if you want to change things and start an organized office living, you can start by taking all your stuff. Organise a cheap rubbish removal Sydney service to dispose of the things you no longer need and then return the things that are not supposed to be there in their proper places.

3. Plan how you can organize

Now that you have decluttered, the next step is to plan how you will organize your stuff. Have you experienced cleaning up after your stuff, only for it to be messy again after a few days? This happens maybe because you have not thoroughly planned on how you will place your things based on how you work every day. When you need something, you rummage again through your cabinet. Assess how you work every day and note the things that you always use. With this, you can organize your things by placing items that you always use in locations that you can easily reach.

4. Do not forget the label

Another thing that causes a mess in your office is when you need to look for things, but you cannot find them. As a result, you rummage through every storage bin and every cabinet just to find it. Therefore, you should not underestimate the help that putting labels can do for you. You can easily locate things by grouping them and applying a label to its bin.

5. Organize your filing system

Sure, we are now going digital and the need for file cabinets might go less and less. However, you still need to keep a physical copy of some documents. Like organizing your stuff, you must also organize your files based on their categories. You can group your files per department or year.

6. Hide your wires

Messy wires have lots of downsides for an office. People can trip over it, it can be a fire hazard, and it is such an eyesore. It is annoying to work even with just small messy wires—like when the cord of your mouse becomes entangled with other cords and so on. To lessen your stress from this visual clutter, it is best to hide your wires by grouping them and tucking them in a corner where you cannot see them. You can use binder clips to bind them together and keep them neatly laid out at the side of your desk without them landing on the floor.

You can also apply colorful strips and labeling your wires, so you will not have a hard time locating which wire is which.

7. Go digital

We might have mentioned this in the prior point. A good way to lessen the clutter in your office is to go digital and rely on trusted tools that can ensure the security of your documents. Scan your files and keep a digital copy of them. Not only will you free up more space, but you will also be more reassured about keeping your documents safe. You can dispose of even random receipts, notes, and other files.

8. Maximize your vertical space

Using up most of your horizontal space—which is the floor—can make your office feel more cluttered. Try using up your wall space, too! If you have the right storage solutions, you can place your things on the wall. It can even look cute and rustic if done right! Examples of storage that you can hang on the wall are honeycomb shelves, pegboards, and more.

9. Choose transparent storage

Transparent storage bins are efficient storage solutions for your office supplies. We mentioned that our office becomes messy because we tend to rummage through our things if we cannot locate the items we are looking for. We tend to repeat this same thing if our bins are not see-through. Having a transparent storage bin greatly helps with immediately finding the stuff we need.

10. Personalize your space

Organizing your space does not mean that you should be bland and boring. Do not forget to express yourself. You can personalize your way of organizing your things, which will make it more fun for you to maintain.

Be flexible

Here are just some tips that can help you make your office more spacious and conducive to work in. Surely, there will be lots of other ways to organize your office. The only important thing is to always be flexible about your needs and the needs of your coworkers.

Arnold Bloom

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