10 Pieces of Top-Notch Shooting Gear You Need For the New Year

10 Pieces of Top-Notch Shooting Gear You Need For the New Year

Whether you are a competition shooter, a hunter, or are into tactical shooting and home defense, using your firearms is way more effective with the right shooting gear and accessories.

You can’t just head out into the field with a rifle and a few bullets in the magazine and expect to come back with a deer. Nor are you going to be hitting the bullseye at the shooting range without the tools needed to hone in your shot and zero in your sight.

If you want to take your shooting to the next level this year, there are a few pieces of gun gear you’re going to want to pick up. Keep reading below to learn what the best accessories and tools are for new and experienced shooters alike.


General Shooting Gear

Whatever you use your guns for on a regular basis, they require practice and maintenance. Here is some helpful gear designed for the shooting range.

1. Gun Range Bag

Most people can’t head outside in their yard and start shooting. For us city and suburban folk, we need to head to the local gun range in order to safely, and legally, practice our shots.

A gun range bag makes it so much easier to carry all your target practice gear with you. They are strong and durable and can hold lots of weight from ammunition and other gear.

You can fit spare ammo, ear and eye protection, tools and cleaning supplies, shooting bags, and anything else you might need at the range.

2. Shooting Bags

In order to test your gun’s accuracy, you need to take lots of shots. But the shots need to be consistent. Shooting bags are usually filled with sand and provide a solid rest, so you can take shots without shaking.

The bags are portable and can be brought to the range with ease.

3. Gun Vice

Cleaning your gun is vital to ensuring safe and accurate shooting for many decades. But it’s annoying trying to clean a big rifle or shotgun without a gun vice.

A vice will hold your gun up in place, so you can take it apart and clean it without it flopping around on the table awkwardly.

4. Laser Bore Sighter

When you get a new gun or a new scope, you’ll need to zero it in. This is the process of lining up your scope with the actual shot placement from the barrel.

Normally, you’d have to shoot tons of rounds through the gun, making scope adjustments as you go. But with a laser bore sighter, you can handle this process without wasting dozens of expensive rifle rounds.

Tactical Gear

Tactical gear is very popular, for those who spend a lot of time at the shooting range, or for those who serve on the line of duty. Here are some helpful pieces of gear.

5. Holster

Your handgun isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t reach it when you need it. A holster makes it simple to keep your handgun handy at all times.

Different types are available, such as concealed holsters for those who are licensed, as well as tactical holsters and those designed for active duty.

6. Knee Pads

Knee pads are some of the most important, yet underappreciated pieces of gear out there. For those who ever need to do any crawling or kneeling, whether in tactical or even hunting situations, knee pads are a must.

By picking up tactical knee pads, not only will you have extra protection and comfort while shooting from different positions, but you’ll also have knee pads that can be used for other purposes, like home projects like laying tile, where you need to be on your knees.

7. Shooting Gloves

Shooting gloves are helpful anytime you are handling a gun. They can prevent sweaty hands from causing discomfort or slippage. They can improve your grip, and keep your hands warm and nimble when it’s cold.

Thin, flexible designs provide freedom of movement while still maintaining the benefits of wearing gloves. Plus, they prevent your guns from getting covered in oils from your hands, keeping them clean.

Hunting Gear

About 30% of gun owners are hunters, so there’s a good chance you will be heading out into the field this year with a rifle in tow. Here are a few pieces of gear you can use to increase your chances of a successful harvest this year.

8. Buttstock Cartridge Holder

Having your extra rounds handy can make or break your hunting experience. Sometimes, an immediate follow-up shot is necessary. Other times, another animal surprises and gives you another opportunity to shoot.

Rather than fumbling around in pockets or in your pack for extra rounds, a simple buttstock cartridge carrier wraps around the stock of your gun and carries spare cartridges. You don’t even have to get out of shooting position to load them up.

When shopping online, be sure to pick up a carrier that will fit your specific gun stock.

9. Chest Pack

When you’re out in the field, particularly when spot and stalk hunting, you need to carry a lot of gear with you. But having a bunch of stuff in your backpack isn’t always convenient, as taking it off and digging through it is a waste of time.

By picking up a chest pack, you can store your most-used accessories, and some snacks, right on your chest. It’s easy to access at any point, and won’t cause a ruckus and scare away your quarry. Pick up one of these packs to put otherwise wasted space to work.

10. Bipod

When it comes time to take your shot, accuracy is everything. Whether you are 50 years out or 350 yards out, you need to be able to hold your rifle steady.

Having a bipod attached to your rifle makes it easy to ground your gun and prevent shaky hand syndrome when firing. They are easy to attach and detach from your gun, and can be deployed in just a moment once you are ready to take a shot.

Simple and Effective Shooting Gear

There is plenty of shooting gear available for those looking to improve their shooting performance and make their experience more convenient. This just scratches the surface of what you can get, but any of these accessories will provide big benefits for relatively low costs.

Looking for more tips like this? Visit our blog now to keep reading.

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